Online Workshop – Understanding Colour Theory in Portraiture and Figure Work

via Zoom on October 17th, 24th and 31st. From 9 am – 12 pm (EDT/GMT-4)

This three-part series will focus on general principles and methods in art as they relate to colour with a focus on the portrait and the figure. These principles of colour will be more-or-less universally applicable to any medium. We will go from laying in the groundwork for how to think about colour. A practical and applicable look at colour theory relating generally to human subjects, in particular to skin tones, will be the focus. Colour theory is a vast topic with many ramifications. For this reason, broader concepts and terminology will be introduced so that participants will be able to share a common “colour language”. We will then dig deeper to better understand how to use colour to give shape and life to a portrait or figure.

Sessions will include demonstrations of portrait painting (and drawing) that will begin to show how the colour ideas presented are actually applied in practice. Portraiture in general, with some nuggets for capturing a likeness and achieving portraits to cherish, will be organically included throughout. Numerous examples, both historical and contemporary, and in various media, will richly illustrate the presentation.

Finally, each session will include a valuable Q & A where questions that arise from the presentations can be thoroughly discussed and shared by all.

Looking forward to seeing everyone not-quite-in-person!


organized by the Burlington Fine Arts Association, Canada

Recorded sessions: